Pressing On

We made the news this week! The Morrisons Cove Herald usually runs a summary of newsworthy events looking back across history—events that happened 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 years ago. In the May 23, 2024 edition of the paper, we got a mention in that section. On May 26, 1899, the Morrisons Cove … Read more

The Hornet and God’s Pace

Lesson From A Wood Pile A pile of firewood sat at the camp for years. Too far from the campfire circle to be convenient for campers, the wood was left to rot. Soon, all it could do was provide food for moss and mushrooms, and shelter for rodents, snakes, and bugs. The pile was a … Read more

His Word Brings Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Grace to you and peace in these days of opportunity. I think of you often and lift you up before God asking that He will grant you all those things He has promised. And I am confident that He will do so. God Himself has said, “For as the … Read more